Entry conditions for PSA / A MEN category

The entry fee is 35,- euro.

PSA 16/24 draw. The first round will start on Friday, March 20th 2020 at 10.30 AM. Make sure that you arrive on time at the venue. We will announce the player and umpire schedules one day before the start of the tournament.

The first six PSA members will be seeded in the tournament, based on their ranking. There will be a reserve list in case a PSA player withdraws before the definit draw. In case there is place for more PSA players, the organsation will communicate this in a timely manner.

PSA ranking is the most important condition for the seeding. The organisation has the right to decide to give a non-PSA member a better seeding. Withdrawal must be notified before closing entry date and must be communicated directly to the organisation.

Umpiring matches is obligated. All PSA players must be availble to referee and mark PSA matches.

Points of attention:


Runner up
Third place
Fourth place
4/8 pos.



Plate winner main draw: $100,-

This is also a National Dutch ranking tournament.

Prizes can only be received if the player is present at the award ceremony. After the last matches of the tournament the ceremony will start within a half hour.
Local or non-PSA players need to finish their entire schedule.

Accomodation, airports and social events

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